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22 Feb , 2014  


This lick, lashes my mind into a cotton ball frenzy!

My Sexxy Valentine
mmmm girl

The life crawling – smiles – you know that look…


Grassy field

16 Feb , 2014  

Haven’t slept I drift and can’t breathe I burn and sweat and wish you were near .. During this I have dark thoughts of my longevity. alone as a been for a long time jaded by smar by tarnished feelings ideals love i turn and see your face and I play it cool.. slow like a dancing escaping fire and your eyes winding me down to a place not here or there but just out of touch into the grassy meadow over the hill where you sit waiting for me . Often not yet but soon



The storm

12 Feb , 2014  

Well he is mostly like amazed at your inner and outer beauty like when a butterfly chooses you to land on you… the grace the power the humble gentleness of districtive power . Her eyes has the power to make him weep with soft warm glances of Comfort like a the eye of the storm in full bloom




12 Feb , 2014  

give (someone or oneself) a different appearance in order to conceal one’s identity.
“he disguised himself as a girl”
synonyms: dress up as, pretend to be, pass oneself off as, impersonate, pose as; More
in disguise, camouflaged;
incognito, undercover
make (something) unrecognizable by altering its appearance, sound, taste, or smell.
“does holding a handkerchief over the mouthpiece really disguise your voice?”
conceal the nature or existence of (a feeling or situation).
“he made no effort to disguise his contempt”
synonyms: camouflage, conceal, hide, cover up, dissemble, mask, screen, shroud, veil, cloak; More
antonyms: expose
noun: disguise; plural noun: disguises
a means of altering one’s appearance or concealing one’s identity.
“his bizarre disguise drew stares from fellow shoppers”

free time

American hustle

22 Dec , 2013  

Off to see the American hustle


Green Apple Quick Step

21 Dec , 2013  

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I was the live sound engineer for the band Green Apple Quick Step during their Reloaded tour. I recorded most of the shows during that tour live from the board to dat.
Here is the seventh track from Reloaded "Alligator" recorded at Slims in San Francisco, CA.

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Happy 12-20

21 Dec , 2013  

It snow today !!


Birthday Snow

Morning Snow
12-20-2013 and it snowed on my birthday

12-20-2013 and it snowed on my birthday

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The dancing light from which they came

16 Dec , 2013  

my heart beats

" Who are you?" tongues wagin across the floor with a hover like distain.

my heart beats

Are you just the a bit bothered, tired or lazy she weeped  as she pulled the trigger slowly

I know you are not dumb, but wow; I did not see that one coming.


55 self adhesive postage stamps

15 Dec , 2013  

it is now 12:15 somewhere and often thirsty for its next meal – the stamp swaggers with moxxie.